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  1. stephenj

    stephenj Active Member

    .. does this have "Pixar's first bona-fide flop" written all over it, or what?
  2. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    I don't think it will be as huge as say Cars, but it should do just fine...the timing seems right for this since there isn't much good out there in the way of decent kids rated films.
  3. Denton

    Denton Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    Please explain your thinking. :?:
  4. stephenj

    stephenj Active Member

    The previews i've seen have been uninspiring, and i don't feel any buzz about this pic at all. Plus the name is weird and doesn't seem like it has much marketing appeal.
  5. Steve Tannehill

    Steve Tannehill New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

  6. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

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    I think it looks as good as their previous effort. Perhaps they're trying to rely on word of mouth and save a little on advertising but this looks on par with their previous efforts IMO.
  7. stephenj

    stephenj Active Member

    I guess a pt of clarification is in order: by "flop", i primarily meant how well it will do at the box office, not its "quality" as a film.
  8. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

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    Ah, good clarification. I'm not sure then. I think they have a locked in core audience so I'm not sure. It will be interesing to see. I guess you'd also have to define flop. Flop flop, flop relative to other Pixar films etc...
  9. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    I think this film looks potentially hilarious and is marked off on my list of "to see"...I mean it's not "Transformers" to see but it's on the list...
  10. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    The previews I've seen were really funny. I'm looking forward to renting it.
  11. Mike Kelly

    Mike Kelly Active Member

    Richard Corliss of Time Magazine has a nice write-up on it:


    He notes the key to Pixar's success under John Lassiter:
    "Like Walt in his early genius period, Lasseter saw that the secret of an animated movie is story and characters--and the enemy of innovation is complacency."
  12. E Jones

    E Jones Active Member

    Well I read a lot of similar thoughts about "The Incredibles" prior to its release...

  13. Steve Tannehill

    Steve Tannehill New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Remember, Brad Bird brought us The Iron Giant, too. I thought the first Rat... trailers (can't spell it, sorry) looked fairly lame, but once I started watching that extended preview, I changed my mind real quick.

    If they release it in 3D, I will see it in the theater. Otherwise, I will pick it up on Blu-ray disc.

    - Steve
  14. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    I'll wait for the BR disc but I don't think it will flop. It should make several hundred million.
  15. stephenj

    stephenj Active Member

    i'd call it a flop if it doesn't gross $100 million in the USA. That would be far below all the other D-P films.
  16. stephenj

    stephenj Active Member

    Iron Giant was a great movie, but a massive box-office flop - just about put Warner Feature Animation out of business.
  17. E Jones

    E Jones Active Member

    Yeah, I liked IG too. It unfortunately came out when CG animation was the new hot thing and since it wasn't released by Disney most people just ignored it even though it had good reviews.

  18. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

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    Yeah, I also sort of think it cost more than it should have for NOT being CG animation. The budget was $70M.
  19. Mike Parent

    Mike Parent New Member

    Hmm, interestingly this movie was recommended highly to me and I was decidfedly underwhelmed overall. Maybe it was a case of mismanaged expectations.

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