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    I caught a free subscription to Rhapsody when I picked up my clearance Sonos VP100 player bundle this weekend. It appears that the shop tied a pre-paid one year subscription to the demo box and now I get to keep it until May of next year.

    This is an amazing service. I've never really had the patience in the past to dabble in internet radio, now I'm convinced that I can't live without it. Conversely, if it wasn't tied to a media sharing device like a Sonos, Soundbridge or Sqeezebox, I couldn't see owning it if it was tied to my PC. That said for that last two days I'm in Alternative rock nirvana. So far my favorite channels:

    Alternative Hits
    Alternative History
    Lite Alternative

    As a song pops up that I like I can save the Artist or Album to my favorites. So far, among others, I've added Alkaline Tri, Death Cab for Cutie, and Smashing Pumpkins. Of course the full color Sonos hand unit surfs through the massive Rhapsody universe like an iPod. That drawback is that the Rhapsody universe IS that massive. I don't think I'll ever utilize the collection to its fullest potential, but I'll enjoy the hell out of the variety that I do reach. I plan on using this as a bridge to increasing my CD collection.

    After all that, Rhapsody is a $9.95 monthly service. Compared to all the other monthy services out there, it's on the more expensive side. I hear Pandora is a nice package at around $35 per year. I have a 30 day trial for that included in my Sonos package, I might have to give it a whirl.

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