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    Watched this last night. It appears to be a pretty accurate depiction of a young woman's struggles to live any sort of normal life after having completely gone awry. Sherry (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is being released from prison at the beginning of this film. We follow her in unsettling detail as she attempts to reunite with her family and avoid the very pitfalls that put her in prison in the first place. I thought there was amazing acting all around and if you think you can deal with the subject matter (drugs, sex, abuse) then I highly recommend the film.

    [spoiler:f03786d363]Perhaps not surprisingly, I had very strong feelings about her relationship with her daughter. At first, like her I was INCENSED at what appeared to be blatant manipulation by her sister-in-law to maker Sherry's daughter uncomfortable with her and perhaps even turn her against her. As time progressed and 1) you start to realize that this woman (the SIL) has been this girls mother for a couple years at least and most likely more than just the time Sherry was in jail. I'm guessing she wasn't taking care of her kid when she was all strung out. 2) As Sherry started to slip, I started to feel like the woman just had good foresight and was protecting the child. Any way, it was a bit of a roller coaster for me as you discovered more of "each side" of the story, it changed your feelings.[/spoiler:f03786d363]
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    Maggie Gyllenhaal is kinda hot. Loved her in SECRETARY!
  3. I find she's kind of like Sharon Stone. Sometime she looks totally hot and other times she looks skanky.
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    And some people like both ;)
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    She was more cute than hot in Stranger Than Fiction, but she was very good.
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    You can almost smell the stink. :D
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    I think she is very attractive... when she wants to be. I was not at all turned on by her during her nude scenes in Sherrybaby, just too.... I don't know.

    I did "enjoy" Sherrybaby, I thought it was put together very well and think they did a great job considering their resources. Cj, you are spot on with your spoiler. At first I thought to myself... what a bitch! but as everything unfolded, I felt like I was in the middle of the two and by the end of the movie I was proud of them both.

    If you can get bad poor picture quality, no sound quality, no special effects and lots of bad things that happen in real life I too reccomend this film.
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    Very good film. Thanks for the recommendation CJ.

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