SOLD ~ SVS P B-12 Ultra2

Discussion in 'For Sale/Trade Lounge (members)' started by ArtieK, May 27, 2007.

  1. ArtieK

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    You know the story; this beautiful piano gloss black subwoofer has been made obsolete by my just completed IB. Absolutely wonderful piece of equipment, it just wasn't quick enough for the Druids. I was actually going to keep it for movie use, but that just doesn't make much sense. I'm giving you guys first shot at it for a grand, which includes a pair of SubDudes to set it on. You get to pay shipping on this 200lb beast. I'll provide complete pics if anyone is serious. One note ~the port tuning plugs disappeared somewhere along the way, but everything else is in near new condition. A picture of it in action. Far right.


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