Sony Announces HD-DVD Support

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    Sony Announces HD-DVD Support


    Tokyo, Japan: In a stunning reversal here today Sony Corporation announced they will abandon their Blu Ray Disk-only strategy in the high definition media war and offer support for Toshiba?s competing HD-DVD format, as well as for any future formats that may appear.

    Sony? spokesperson from Sony Style consumer electronics, Phil McCracken said this new strategy ?will show the world that Sony is no longer content to simply dominate consumer electronics design innovation and provide world-class customer service,? but that the company will offer new software and devices to ?help everyone see the light of next-generation video regardless of their current ignorance of Blu Ray?s obvious superiority.?

    McCracken showed reporters official press releases about the new Sony universal system, called the ?Hyper-Extended Advanced Digital? (HEAD) trans-coder.

    ?HEAD is a completely new approach to media,? stated the release. ?Sony Engineers with our partners at Royal Dutch Phillips have devised a way to break content down to the pure subatomic level. We slice and dice the information to its basic component parts, and at that level format no longer matters. Our algorithms rebuild the information into a new pristine, breathtakingly beautiful structure that can be easily transmitted using our new proprietary HDMI++ cables to any Sony display or receiver. The results are stunning.?

    HEAD was developed by Phillips design chief Hugh Jorgan. ?Sony will provide HEAD without the usual licensing fees or entry barriers,? he said. ?Sony will give HEAD to anyone who wants it, free of charge.?

    He stated that a version of the system will ship with all new PS3?s beginning in July, 2007. Sony also has made HEAD software available on the Sony Style website, and stated that a simple download will ?give the latest HEAD to your system.? The software is designed to travel through any network or home electrical system, ?seeking out devices capable of receiving HEAD and injecting the full load into it,? stated Jogan.

    ?We want everyone to get HEAD,? McCracken added, ?as we believe good HEAD is essential to the home theater experience. Our new devices will be able to suck every drop of information out of whatever delivery device you stick into it. It is a genuine revolution in the home viewing experience, and we believe our HEAD will get you off in ways you?ve never before imagined!?

    Spokespersons from the Blu Ray Association, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated there was ?no official support? for the new system, although they reminded this reporter that ?Sony has been trying to give the world HEAD for several months now.?
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    You had me for a few seconds, till I got to the acronym. Bad David, bad boy!
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    But it's TRUE! ;)
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    It's about time, I always wanted head in my home theater.
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    Really? I was suckered until I got to "Phil McCracken"... LOL!
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    Phil was a character on Slap Shot Right? :)
  7. DYohn

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    Paul D'Amato played "Dr. Hook" McCracken in Slap Shot and yes, I believe there is a line about his brother Phil. In any case I certainly can't claim I made it up! "Hugh Jorgan" was coined by someone else too. :)
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    Wonder if he's related to Jack McCraken?


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