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Sony Price drop on Gen 1 Blu Ray

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Matt J_S, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Matt J_S

    Matt J_S New Member

    Might be old news so sorry if it is, I was in the sony store today and the First Gen Sony which is basically a brand label of the Pioneer player just took a $400 price drop in preperation for the new player from Sony due in the store in 2 weeks.

    For me this pretty much makes the First gen Sony a done deal, since the guys at the sony store said the new player thats comming out for $599 will NOT have an Optical output.

    Not to mention that the First Gen Sony is a Pioneer product and pretty much everyone agree's the Pioneer still has the best PQ but its the most expensive because of the Ethernet port & Media Center functionality.
  2. Dan S.

    Dan S. New Member

    Product Specifications
    Dimensions (Approx.)
    17 x 3 1/8 x 14 7/8" (430 x 79 x 375mm)
    Weight (Approx.)
    10 lb. (4.5kg)
    Limited Warranty
    1 year parts / 1 year labor
    HDMI? Connection Output(s)
    1 (Rear)
    Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output(s)
    1 (Rear)
    S-Video Output(s)
    1 (Rear)
    Composite Video Output(s)
    1 (Rear)
    Optical Audio Output(s)
    1 (Rear

    Coaxial Audio Digital Output(s)
    1 (Rear)
    Analog Audio Output(s)
    2 ch; 1 (Rear)
    Analog-to-Digital Converter
    Screen Saver
    DVD+R Read Compatibility
    DVD+RW Read Compatibility
    DVD-R Read Compatibility
    DVD-RW Read Compatibility
    High Definition
    Full HD 1080/24p and 60p1
    MP3 Player
    Yes (Content must be in DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW format.)

    ... and it's actually $499. Sales guys really should not talk to customers. :)
  3. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    The price drop was $999 to $799.

    The BDPS300 is an all Sony product. Not a clone job this time.
  4. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    The reduced price of the original model is $799 and the new one coming out will be priced at $499???
  5. Matt J_S

    Matt J_S New Member

    I'm in Canada so we get hosed. Our dollar is almost equal to the US now but still they mark everything up by 40%.

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