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Discussion in 'Forum Software Tips and Tricks' started by CJ, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. CJ

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    Gang, I made a couple changes to the forum today. I've been increasingly frustrated with Tapatalk and how it has transitioned from a mobile forum viewer to a (attempt at a) full blown social media platform. As such, today I implemented a default mobile template that should detect a mobile browser and reformat the forum to be more mobile friendly. I also turned off the Tapatalk landing page and banner you used to get if you went to HTL on a mobile browser.

    I will leave the Tapatalk installed and running as it is no cost or effort on my part but hopefully the new mobile template will be more useful for people who were frustrated like me.

    I will almost certainly play around with the mobile template this weekend to try and skin the colors to look a bit more like the full website but functionally it should stay the same.
  2. Andrew Pratt

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    Thanks CJ...I never could get to like Tapatalk but the new theme seems to work well on my iPhone 6S Plus. I'd maybe make a few CSS tweaks to the colour scheme but over all it is a great improvement.
  3. Carl V

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    thanks... I have never used tap talk and only rarely
    access HTL via the phone.

    as I have said before I am not the demographic IT
    firms are after, marketing people are concerned about.

    I am all about KISS.
    The fewest number of keystrokes & it has to work perfectly.
  4. CJ

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    I'd love to make a few more theme tweaks but it's painful. I can find the Hex color codes but there is no documentation for what changes what. For the main forum theme I've set it up twice because it was lost during an upgrade. Both times were painful trial and error.
  5. Dustin B

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    Should TappaTalk still be working? I can connect to the forum and get a list of the subforums but I don't see any posts in any of them.
  6. CJ

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    I'll take a look tonight. I did a forum upgrade Tuesday evening for a security patch. I wonder if it broke then. I'm behind on Tapatalk versions too but there's no security threat so I haven't updated. I'll look into it.
  7. Graeme

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    Tapatalk has stopped working for me. This mobile version is pretty good though.
  8. CJ

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    I haven't had a chance to look at Tapatalk. I'm very seriously considering upgrading to vBulletin 5. It was not well received when it came out but it seems to have all the bugs worked out and it offers some really cool features and site layout, announcements, blog posts, etc. is much easier. I also has a cool feature similar to when you post a URL on facebook where it pulls in the meta text and a thumbnail. And there's a fluid layout so you get mostly the same look on mobile as you do on a browser. I'd keep most of the general look and feel of the current software, especially when you're in a thread, it would look the same. It would just be nice to be able to display certain content better and more easily. Also, I've been trying to draw in new members and vBulletin 5 is fully SEO optimized out of the box. Might help.

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