The 2018 HTL movie log (365 challenge)

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    Not sure if anyone else going to participate but I mentioned a 365 (movie a day) challenge I saw on Reddit and several members blanched at the commitment. But I thought I'd try a movie log thread. One post per member to be edited as you watch movies. Not a full review maybe one comment or a star rating to keep to one line per film. For mine, I'm going to keep a plus or minus vs. the 365 just for fun.
    1. Baywatch - Meh, funny, recycled plot.
    2. Sicario - Really good but disturbing.
    3. The Artist - Enjoyed immensely.
    4. The Post - Liked this one but it drug a bit, still worth a viewing for sure.
    5. The Imitation Game - Another that I'm only finally getting too. Really enjoyed it.
    6. The Giver - A rewatch. Older two kids wanted to see. Just OK. Imagine the book is better.
    7. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Rewatch for me but I'm going through the series with my 11 year old.
    8. A Hologram for the King - I liked this one. As I get older I think these "transition in life" stories appeal more to me.
    9. We Own the Night - Mafia drug ring cop drama set in the late 80s. Pretty dang good.
    10. Leap! - Bad... pretty good art design but the animation is sub-par, the story is kludgy, the dialog is terribly written. I feel like it had potential that was wasted.
    11. The Book Thief - Mixed feelings. Great performances and a heart-wrenching setting and plot but something felt off... trite. Just OK.
    12. Up in the Air - If you've ever wondered what your life would be like if you'd poured everything into professional success, watch this film. I really liked it.
    13. Transformers: The Last Knight - One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not even worth the SFX and boom sounds. Terrible.
    14. Atomic Blonde - I thought it was pretty good. The ending props up the rest of the movie. I'll say no more.
    15. Atonement - Another movie I bought after awards season and never got around to. As such, I had no idea what I was really getting into. Good film. Not one to rewatch, but good.
    16. Blade Runner: 2049 - Really good. Enjoyed the heck out of this one!
    17. The Apple Dumpling Gang - Rewatch. My parents were over to celebrate Dad's birthday and my mom has been wanting to watch this. A lesser Disney classic but a family favorite.
    18. Groundhog Day - One of the best movies ever. Surprisingly deep and I'm not being pretentious or hipster when I say that.
    19. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Pretty good. I wanted to like this one more than I did. The story seemed OK but it felt miscast and the dialog was clunky and wasn't used well to move the story forward. I could see it growing on me though now that I know the story.
    20. Wonder - Rewatch with the family. Great heartwarming film. I really like this movie.
    21. Okja - Finally got around to watching this Netflix original by Bong Joon Ho. A bit interesting in plot and ending. Would be interested in discussing if anyone else has seen it.
    22. The Big Short - I had a pretty good understanding of what led up to the global financial crisis given my line of work. Regardless, this was a great movie and I feel like it would be a pretty accessible way for those who don't know what happened to learn.
    23. Hook - Rewatch. I'm always disappointed when I'm reminded how poorly this film did critically. It's not perfect but I think it is far better than the 29% RT score. Not surprisingly it scores a significantly better 76% audience rating.
    24. Grease - Rewatch obviously. Took the kids to one of the historic theaters that shows older movies. Kind of forgot it was PG-13 (not that that's an issue in our house) and I'm glad some of the content likely went over even my oldest's head. I didn't notice an obvious reaction when Rizzo asks "What do you think this is, a gang bang?"
    25. Hunger Games - Rewatch with my middle child. This movie reminds that the series started off pretty strong.
    26. Black Panther - Finally got around to seeing this while still in theaters. Really enjoyed it.
    27. Coco - What a wonderful movie. Loved the story and characters. The visuals and music are a great way to show off a well put together system. Not T-Rex demo - a different kind of showing off a good system.
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    It's only been two weeks, and I already have problems recalling what I've seen, but here goes:

    1. Cars 3 - gift from my daughter, who works for Disney. Decent, but missable
    2. Pearl Harbor - hadn't seen it since it came out, better than I remembered, but still a Bay/Bruckenheimer movie
    3. Spy Game - much better than I remembered, recommended, grows with a rewatch
    4. Intolerable Cruelty - Cohens, Clooney, Catharina Z, what can go wrong?
    5. Alien Covenant - Second viewing, better than Prometheus, whatever that means.
    6. Indiana Jones and the last crusade - classic
    7. Star Wars Rouge One - good, but not TLJ (which I seem to be alone in liking)
    8. Shine A Light - late dinner Friday night, gf didn't want a movie, so I picked this, better than I remembered, Scorsese, Stones, hell, the Buddy Guy scene alone is worth it.
    9. The Force Awakens - getting better with each viewing, can't wait to see TLJ at home, love Rey.
    10. A History of Violence - Cronenburg, hadn't seen this for a long time, Viggo, Ed Harris, very atmospheric, nice camerawork, interesting story, holds up well after almost 15 years.
    11. Atomic Blonde - second viewing, and did it grow, wow. Charlize as ever is great, but I didn't quite realize it was based on a comic the first time, but now it all makes sense, and the cinematography is just great, as is the acting. I lived thru the fall of the wall, and this is like being there, from a distance, watching it. Great, underrated. And Charlize, wow ...
    12. Four Weddings and a funeral - great casting, fantastic writing, superb dialogue, still wonderful. Followed by:
    13. U2 - I & E live in Paris, probably their best tour since Zoo TV
    14. Never wipe tears without gloves, Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar (TV Mini-Series 2012) - IMDb, 3-hour miniseries about the AIDS plague in Stockholm in the 80s, the time I grew up. Very strong, and highly recommended.
    15. Trafic - still holds up, long, with many story lines, excellent acting by Douglas, Zeta Jones and the rest of the cast
    16. Kingsman the Golden cirlce - I liked the first one, but this was like Men In Black II, what a waste of money and talent. Good God, how this got funded is beyond me.
    17. Syriana - still great
    18. A Good Day To Die Hard - better than I remembered, which isn't really saying much.
    19. Ghost Writer - suspenseful and interesting, good actors.
    20. American Gangster - extended edition, of course. Even better than I remembered, brilliant cinematography.
    21. Blade Runner, the final cut, always great, in anticipation of tomorrow's ...
    22. Blade Runner 2049 - which I originally thought was the world's worst and most unwanted sequel, but turned out to be great.
    23. The Departed - I prefer Infernal Affairs, but there are some pretty good actors in this one. Great atmosphere.
    24. It might get loud - interesting documentary on Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.
    25. The Scorcerer's apprentice - Disney family entertainment, but pretty charming.
    26. Gone Baby Gone - Almost as good as Mystic River, but even darker, if possible. Great acting and directing, but it leaves you feeling miserable.
    27. Fargo - hadn't seen this since it came out, but wanted to revisit before starting on the series.
    28. Good Kill - good, as Niccol always is, but depressing.
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    I'm in. I watch quite a few. Here's what I've Redboxed and seen this year:

    1. Jumanji. Welcome to the Jungle - I liked this one. Fun cast and a fun comedy. Two thumbs up.
    2. Brawl in Cell Block 99 - Vince Vaughn is not a smooth fighter. Movie was ok, fight scenes were like old Star Trek fights. Just awkward.
    3. Detroit - Well acted and an interesting story I did not know. I liked it, but some of it was hard to watch.
    4. Mother - I had a hard time figuring out exactly what was going on. Read the Wiki during the movie and it didn't help much.
    5. Brads Status - A look back, where am I at in life kind of movie that really just didn't connect with me.
    6. American Assasin - I'd like to see more of Michael Keaton like this. Good action movie.
    7. Logan Lucky - Fun movie for me. Surprised at the number of A list actors. Good time.
    8. Kidnap - TEDIOUS. I shouldn't have even rented it. Boo.
    9. Flatliners - OK. I like the original better but this one wasn't horrible.
    10. Kingsman: The Golden Circle- I loved the first one and this one was pretty good. These movies know what they are and just get busy being that. Fun action flick.
    11. The Mountain Between Us - Wife picked this one and I thought it would be terrible. Didn't FF the movie and didn't fidget around. Pretty good.
    12. Battle of the Sexes - I love tennis. I watch all the slams. Good cast. Turned this off about 3/4 through. Just boring.
    13. American Made - Like a Narcos that doesn't need subtitles. :D Another fun movie. I wanted to hate on Tom Cruise, but he was good and believable. Sounded good loud.
    14. The Foreigner - Jackie Chan is 63? WTF? Good cast, good story, good action, and a pretty fun. I had a good time watching this one.
    15. The Shape of Water - Wanted to love this one. Fantastic looking movie. Great set design. Not a lot of character development and I didn't love the story. I'm glad I saw it. I'd probably watch it again just to see it.
    16. The Snowman - Wanted to be 'The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo'. It wasn't. Convoluted plot, characters you don't care about. The location looked great. That was the only good thing imho.
    17. Cook off - Everyone wants to be 'Best in Show'. Cook off is not 'Best in Show'. Cook off is not good.
    18. I, Tonya - A fun watch especially if you knew the story. I was 24 in '94 so it was in my wheelhouse. My wife thought it was a made for TV movie. The soundtrack alone lets you know it's better than that. I liked it. But, it did seem like Margot Robbie wanted to make this movie and just made it. I don't know if that's how it went, but it wouldn't shock me. Allison Janney was great.
    19. Home Again - Redbox watch. Reese Witherspoon is cute. That's really all this one has to offer. No great anything but just limps along. Pass.
    20. Geostorm - A little preachy for me but not overly so. Scientifically unbelievable but an interesting premise and a pretty decent brainless flick.
    21. Last Flag Flying - Steve Carell was great in this. Not a lot of great things about this one, but I laughed hard and cried a bit and to me that's always a good movie experience. But, I'm a Marine veteran and this is a story about Marine veterans so it might just be me.
    22. Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri - I enjoyed this one. Frances McDormand's character had some soft moments, but mostly she just seemed like a asshole. I guess losing your kid my do that to you. Accurate portrayal of small town life in the midwest for sure. My favorite part was when "Lester" from The Wire (Clarke Peters) showed up to be the new sheriff. I love that guy. Pretty good movie. Go see it.
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    Well, let's see how I do here. I must be missing some stuff as I reconstruct. I wonder, do I need to watch "all" of something for it to count here? I think I'll not follow that rule. If I watched at least one full episode of a series, for example, I'll leave it in here. Anyhow.

    1. Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Watched the whole series. Absolute mayhem. Sure after a while it's just one goddamn thing after another. But it's so over the top it fun the whole way. I loved it.
    2. Godless. Excellent. All around, just excellent.
    3. Sherlock. Watched several episodes. Really like it a lot. Love Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.
    4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yup, me too. Liked it a lot.
    5. The Imitation Game. Not the first time. I think this movie is rewatchable. Keira Knightley is the weakest link from my perspective.
    6. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Kids roped me into this. In the words of Charles Barkley, it's "turrbl".
    7. Leap! Kids liked it a lot. I didn't hate it, which is saying a lot given it's a musical about ballet, and I despise both.
    8. Altered Carbon: Season 1. Took a while to get rolling but I was invested by the end. Looks like it's lined up for Season 2...
    9. Ozark: Season 1. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. Maybe my expectations were too high based on the buzz. But I found this lackluster.
    10. Narcos: Season 3. Good, but it's really hard to match the story of Pablo Escobar. Looks like they are headed to Mexico next season.
    11. Rogue One. Again. Liked it, again.
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    I'll throw some in here since I seem to be catching up on more movies than expected.

    1. Blade Runner 2049- Great visuals. Battlestar Galactica did it better. Stick with the original.
    2. Logan Lucky - The redneck Ocean's 11. Most enjoyable film I've seen all year.
    3. John Wick 2 - "Whoa".
    4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Much better movie than the fanbois are giving it credit for. -Knocking down a peg as it did not hold up on second viewing.
    5. It - Not the scariest movie ever but a great "80's" film. Stand By Me with an actual monster.
    6. Thor: Ragnarock - It rocks. Watch and learn DC.
    7. Alien/Aliens - Yes I let my kid watch it. And we named the dog Ripley. Say no more.
    8. Baby Driver - Wanted to like it more but still enjoyable.
    9. Sicario - Why did I wait this long? Great!
    10. Dunkirk - Masterfully made but did not really movie.
    11. Justice League - Not as bad as expected but a lost opportunity for DC playing Marvel catchup.
    12. War For The Planet Of The Apes - Blown away! Not the movie the trailers sold and that's a good thing. This one was special.
    13. The Shape Of Water - For me, a total letdown! Best Picture...Really?
    14. Jumanji - Welcome To The Jungle - Great fun and elevated by its terrific cast.
    15. Coco - Best Pixar film in years. Will watch again for sure.
    16. Annihilation - I enjoy slow sci-fi but I need to be engaged. Didn't care for the characters or where this was going. It was fine but will probably never revisit.
    17. I, Tonya - If it didn’t really happen this would be the best Soderbergh movie not directed by Steven Soderbergh. Surpassed the hype.
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  6. Jay Brown

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    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men have no tales - Better than the last one, but rewatch factor is greatly diminished.
    2. Jungle Book - fell asleep the first time I watched this because I was doped up on Medication, this time around, WOW, I missed a lot, very enjoyable!!
    3. The Town - The type of film that you can catch from the beginning, the middle, or the end, and still get glued to the screen
    4. Black Panther - Thoroughly enjoyed this, and to see some of the kids at work wearing the T-Shirts, very inspiring.
    5. Atomic Blonde - I was bored watching this
    6. Better off Dead - Jr High Guilty Pleasure, rewatchable for decades!!
    7. Blade Runner 2049 - Obsessed with this film
    8. Blade Runner (The Final Cut) - alright alright I get it now!!!
    9. Dunkirk - I was confused at first, but the visuals are stunning!!
    10. War For the Planet of the Apes - they are real!!!!!
    11. Batman Begins - Hated the editing of the fight scenes, but always a treat to watch.
    12. The Breakfast Club - Jr. High Guilty Pleasure part deux, one of those movies where you know almost every line
    13. No Country for Old Men - Still gives me the creeps
    14. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - I always gravitate to this film in the series.
    15. Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind - My favorite Studio Gibli film. I always enjoyed "The Warriors of the Wind" which used to air on HBO back in the 80s, but could not believe how much was cut out of the film.
    16. Midnight Run - minus the Danny Elfman score, this is one of those films I never get tired of
    17. Logan - Tragic all around, but what a story!!!
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