The BioShock-Hydrophobia Thread (X360)

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    Continuing along from the HTT topic discussing water tech and these two games...

    From a recent Hydrophobia Dev Interview - you should read the whole thing but here are the juicy bits:

    Gaming Engine
    • The water looks and behaves EXACTLY like real water
    • Real-time lighting and shadowing, volumetric lighting, fogging.
    • Environment is mathematically defined - yielding: big worlds, on the fly procedural texture changes (deform and re-texture / remap the entire environment in real-time!)

    "HydroEngine" (3 years in development)
    • Water has flow, with real-time ripples
    • Meta-ball splashes that self ripple
    • Foam where high energy water fogs the surface
    • Emergent behavior eddies
    • Surface and subsurface particles (up to 600,000)
    • "Wet mapping" - water darkens the texture, dependant on the absorbency of the material - non absorbent material it will coat with a film of water which then sublimates into drips).
    • Specular reflection, object and environment reflection and refraction
    • Dynamic caustics both above and below the water
    • Dynamic changing surface wave patterns


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