The Bourne Supremacy: HD DVD Decision

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Paul E. Fox II, May 15, 2007.

  1. Paul E. Fox II

    Paul E. Fox II New Member

    I was in the "Big City" today and stopped in at Best Buy to see if HD DVD was getting the shaft there as I've heard it does at other BB locations.

    They had a very nice display of both HD DVD and Blu Ray...side by side. Looked like an equal number of titles but the BD did seem to more of each title in stock.

    So...I grabbed a few discs that I was very interested in buying. Here are my final four:

    The Thing
    MI: III
    The Bourne Supremacy
    The Mummy

    I knew the Xbox 360 HD Drive update was out and available and I wanted something pretty cool to watch after I tested the update.

    I ended up with The Bourne Supremacy as I really like that movie but if I wanted something that really shows off HD DVD, is this the movie to buy of the four I listed. Would MI: III been better Eye/Ear candy?

    Don't worry, I would never consider buying a movie that I didn't enjoy anyway just for "candy"...I really like all four of the ones I listed.

    Let me know what you guys think...and since I'm dedicated to HD DVD at the moment, I don't need any "Blu Ray would have been better".
  2. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Loved "The Thing" (Carpenter's version)...holds up pretty well too after all these years...
  3. Jeff Whitford

    Jeff Whitford Member

    Don't have The Thing in HD DVD but I have the other 3 and they all look and sound awesome
  4. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    You made the right choice.

    Mummy and MI III look awesome too.
  5. Drew Mitten

    Drew Mitten New Member

    The best HD movie that really stands out is TROY. Shows great deatil and variation in colors.
  6. Err, if this is a question... then NO.

    Jeesh, why would I pay mucho buckos for a movie which I already saw and didn't think was some sort of good movie? (insert puke over dollar sign emoticon here.)
  7. Hayes Preston

    Hayes Preston Member

    Both MI:III and Bourne are very good at showing off how good HD DVD can look and sound, you will not be dissapointed with either disc.
  8. If what you want is a good demo of HD DVD... then you might probably be able to get an example of that from the seller?
  9. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    What example? The sellers don't give you demo discs. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it but both films are quite excellent in PQ/AQ terms and neither of them offer the best audio possible(lossless).

    Bourne is near top drawer in both levels. Only titles like V or Batman Begins are truly better.
  10. Paul E. Fox II

    Paul E. Fox II New Member

    I made it through The Bourne Supremacy last night and it is pretty cool.

    Every time I see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, I can't help but think of the line in The 40 Year Old Virgin while the guys are watching The Bourne Identity.

    Glad I picked it up now.

    I had V in my hand and already have Batman Begins so I guess I'll head back in a day or so and get something else.

    Do any of you have suggestions? Let 'em rip!
  11. Michael

    Michael Junior Geek

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