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    Our HT is 99% complete, and was built from a 2 car garage utilizing the room with in a room technique.

    First reflection panels:

    1. (3) 2'x4' panels on the left and right walls made of 2 layers of Roxul R80 2" thick sheets (6 in total).
    2. (6) 2'x4' panels on the ceiling made the same as the side wall panels.
    3. Front wall behind screen is covered with 3" of Roxul R60 wall to wall, and 4' high (from the ceiling to 4' down).
    4. Rear wall has 9" of Roxul R60 wall to wall EXCEPT for the corners which should be done this week (the corner traps will be of R80).
    5. Front stage is stuffed with R19 Pink Fluffy, and topped with OSB.
    6. Rear seating stage is stuffed with Pink Fluffy, and topped with OSB.

    Room Construction:

    1. Room within a room construction with R19 insulation (inner, and outer walls).
    2. Complete sub floor is stuffed with R19 topped with OSB.
    3; One layer of OSB covers the wall with a 2nd layer of drywall separated by Green Glue on all four walls.
    4. Hat channels on the ceiling with 2 layers of drywall separated by Green Glue.
    5. 2 solid core wood doors with 2 layers of 3/4 MDF added.
    6. Fire clay used for all outlets, and switches to seal the hole.
    7. Automatic door closers on both entry doors.
    8. Automatic door seals on both entry doors.
    9. Door seals for the area around the doors.
    10. 1950 Art Deco glass door handles (inside HT one is modified with Blue LEDs, and frosted finish).

    Room Finish:

    1. All of the walls will have Blue or Black GOM covered panels (as will the ceiling), but only the ones listed will have any acoustic materials added to them.
    2. The stage is covered with Home Depot black carpet, and the soffits are covered with JoAnnes Black Triple Velvet (after the complete room was painted flat black).
    3. Floor has Lowes Plum colored Carpet with premium pad.


    Front stage...
    1. JBL 2360A horns with EV DH1a drivers for the front 3 channels.
    2. DIY 1/4 Pie Bass Bins.
    3. Danley DTS-10 subs (one under the front stage, and the other under the rear seating area).
    4. MiniDSPs 2x4s for crossover for the front 3 channels.
    5. Yamaha P2075 amps for the front 3 channels (powering the Horns).
    6. (2) Yamaha P2500s amps for the bass bins, and 2 more for the surrounds.
    7. (1) Yamaha P7000s amp for the subs.
    8. Krell Showcase 7.1.

    1. DIY Unraid NAS
    2. i3NUC for HA PC
    3. i3 NUC for Media Server.
    4. PS3 for gaming
    5. XBox 360 for gaming.
    6. Oppo 103

    1. Panasonic AE8000 projector.
    2. SeymourAV 195" diagonal scope AT screen.
    3. Darbee Darbet Processor.
    4. Monoprice Redmere cables.

    1. APC UPS for Computers.
    2. APC UPS for Projector.
    3. Monster 7000 for power conditioning.
    4. Samsung Galaxy Note for control via CQC HA Software.
    5. Monoprice speaker wire.
    6. MiniDSP DDRC-88A

    1. Blue LED rope lighting for the soffits, stairs, and entry hallway.
    2. LED spot lights in soffits for entey and exit lighting.






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  2. Randy Rhoton

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    Welcome! And, WOW, just WOW!
  3. Mikael Soderholm

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    Right, WOW! Pretty badass :)
  4. Phil A

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    Unbelievable looking HT - Great job!!
  5. CJ

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    WOW, nice room man! Welcome to the forum.
  6. ellisr63

    ellisr63 New Member

    Thanks for the replies... We did the best we could with the budget... I know there are a lot of nicer and better theaters but this one does the job very nicely for us.
  7. Mike B

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    Most impressive, looks great!
  8. Dan Driscoll

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    Not many! Very impressive. :2tu:
  9. Mike

    Mike Bon Vivant Top Poster

    That is just awesome. Great job!
  10. Denton

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    But do you have Shakti Stones? ;)

    I love what you've done with your garage. :2tu:
  11. ellisr63

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    Thanks for the comments... No Shakti Stones.
  12. claud

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  13. Andrew Pratt

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    Well I guess we all have to start somewhere....:)

    Very nice job!
  14. murrayb

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    Hope it sounds as good as it looks. Very impressive.
  15. CJ

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    Re-read the equipment list. Interesting approach. Is the front stage just the JBL horns and Pi bass bins? Does that cover the full frequency range? How does everything balance? It looks like Heresy surrounds so everything is pretty high sensitivity I assume.
  16. Jack

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    Hiya, thanks for posting some photos and information here. I had seen your post on HTS and tried to follow but i dont really go there anymore.
    Well done, I think that is a room I could hang out in. :2tu:
  17. Dustin B

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    My assumption is the JBL horns cover to a bit under 1000hz and the 1/4 pi bass bins are from there down to under 100hz where the Danley DTS-10 subs pick up. This system will have some crazy efficiency which will be needed with the T chip amps not putting out a lot of power.
  18. CJ

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    I searched for the JBL model number. Is it just a high frequency single driver/horn or is it actually a multi-way speaker?
  19. ellisr63

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    With the EV DH1a drivers it goes out to 20k... The 1/4 pie bass bins are crossed over at 500hz, and on the bottom end crossed over at 80hz to the Danley DTS-10 subs. It sounds seamless from the subs all the way to the high frequencies with an uncanny amount of definition from the mids and highs. I have never heard any setup sound as good as this does. So I am very happy with the results. The goal was to get a system that sounded great with as little AC draw as possible... The Yamaha Pro amps for the Bass Bins, and sub are on the verge of overkill but they are very efficient too. Very seldom does the 1 wpch LED do more than flicker on the Yamahas, so I think we met our goal. :)
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  20. ellisr63

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    The 2360A is just a horn... We are using the EV DH1a 2" drivers with the horns which according to the designer of the bass bins is an excellent match for the JBLs if you want a 2 way setup (I fully agree with him after completing the build).
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