The Fast and the Furious HD

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by chad, Jun 10, 2007.

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    We sat and watched this yesterday. I had forgotten just how corny it was but boy it is an attack on your senses. You can almost smell the rubber burning on the blacktop or the exhaust from the cars and the powder burning from the gun shots.

    The surrounds are always active and tend to be pretty neat. One scene really impressed me. Vin and Paul pulled into a little shrimp shack along the coast after racing a Ferrari. Right when they pull in you hear a motorcycle leaving the parking lot, he pans across the back and you hear him drive off into the distance.

    I don't want to comment on the image too much as the room was not "that" dark. I watched on my 119" HP screen and there was some sun light to wash the image out a little, but it was still very watchable. What I could see was very bright and crisp. It looked very clean and sharp.

    I did have a few issues with the disc. When I first put it into my A2 it froze the machine. I had to unplug the player as no controls on the remote or on the machine would work. Once I plugged it back in, it loaded right away and I had no further issues. Later in the day I got up to watch something else and went to take the disc out, it froze up again, had to unplug and once plugged back in it worked just fine.

    Oh, one last thing, Jordana looks really nice in HD


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