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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by Steve Tillman, May 9, 2007.

  1. Steve Tillman

    Steve Tillman New Member

    I bought an Anthem AVM-50 pre/pro. Got a great open box deal from my local dealer. Still a big hit financially though- it just about drained the Whiskey and Firearm fund.

    I'm inputing an Oppo DV-970HD via HDMI at 480i, and a Toshiba HD-XA1 via HDMI at 1080i. The Anthem upconverts and sends 1080p to my Sony 60" SXRD.

    I'm using Outlaw 200 WPC amps, Energy Veritas i speakers, and 2 Hsu VTF-3 subwoofers.

    I left the country shortly after getting it hooked up, but I like it very well so far. Using the Anthem color bars and the DVD Essentials blue film strip, the color was spot on right out of the box.

    The sound seems more 3 dimensional, spacious and realistic than the Outlaw 990 that it replaced.

    When I get back in country, I'll hook up the balanced interconnects I ordered.

    I decided not to wait for HDMI 1.3. From what I've read, the new surround sound formats will be best decoded in the players rather than the receiver, so the 1.1 HDMI works for me.

    It's a nice piece of gear, and it looks like it'll find a home in my rack for a few years.

    Cheers! ....and THANK YOU CJ for the new forum!
  2. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    Congrats! Pictures?
  3. Steve Tillman

    Steve Tillman New Member

    Thanks, CJ.

    I'll snap a few and post when I get home. I'm in Africa this month- Djibouti this week, and then on to Muscat and Cairo.

    Ken McDaniel probably knows about Djibouti. There's a huge military camp here. I went out there today.

    It'll be nice to get home so I can tweak it a bit more and serve up some images!
  4. Ken McDaniel

    Ken McDaniel Active Member War Zone Member

    Know all about it Djibouti. You'll love Muscat. By far my favorite town in the middle east. Best Mexican restaurant in Atlanta is in Muscat (command joke). If you're going to the embassy, ask for a place called Pavo Real. ("Pa-vo Ray-al"). Absolutely awsome, but you'll need a reservation if you're eating there after 8.
  5. Steve Tillman

    Steve Tillman New Member

    Good call, Ken. Muscat is my favorite Mideast city as well.

    My wife is going to meet me in Muscat and then go on to Cairo. It's time for her to see that side of the World. I'm TDY at Post, so I'll ask about the restaurant. Thanks for the tip- I didn't know about it. We'll probably hole up at the Intercon or the Hyatt.
    It's my third trip there, but I haven't got all that out much. Mostly busy with air conditioning work (you know where) at Post. I didn't think about restaurants. but I thought I'd take here to the Souk. That's a fun place- she'll enjoy it. Not quite the Khan in Cairo, but fun.

    I'm staying at a brand new Kempinski Hotel in Djibouti. Unbelieveable place. I didn't know it was here- I understand it just opened. I'm usually down at the Europa saving on per-diem, but this is nice. Camp Lemonier is the same- A visit to the commissary and BK. A few iced water bottles on the way out the gate. KBR working the system pretty hard there. Black Flag today, so no strenuous work outs. hehehe I think that'll be flying every day until October.

    Another few weeks of this, and I'll have the Anthem paid for out of per-diem. It'll be nice to get home and start playing with it!


  6. GSmitty

    GSmitty Member

    Great choice!

    I had the next one down the ladder, avm-40, for a few weeks. The HTT sound was a big improvement over my old Denon set-up, very nice indeed!

    I liked many, many items - including the upgrade path capability.

    For my setup, the Hi Fi sound was not what I was looking for, so swapped the unit back out for a Cary Cinema 11.

    I've suggested the Anthem's to two others, that were looking for good HTT sound and features.

    I think you got yourself a winner!
  7. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    I'm jealous Steve. If I were buying a new pre/pro today, the AVM-50 would probably be at the top of the list. After you get back and have some time to listen, I hope you'll post some additional thoughts on it.

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