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Discussion in 'Hardware Lounge' started by Max Yokell, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Max Yokell

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    ok going to be replacing the bedroom, currently is a 46 inch tv and from what I can tell measurement wise I can fit up to a 49 inch tv in my TV cabinet if it has a near zero betel, the 50s are just a bit to big to fit.

    This is going to be my first 4K tv and I have been adding 4K Blu-ray when price wasnt much different, so I got a decent collection of those + there are several things I own on VUDU in UHD. I will upgrade the Netflix account as well so I will some UHD material to watch.

    Now I need to pick the TV, was very close to pulling Trigger on a Samsung 49 inch 7000 but am starting to have doubts and was thinking maybe of sliding up to the 49 8000 series. Which is running at $899, now starting to consider other options.

    Things I want biggest under 50 inch screen, 4K, HDR, at least 3 hdmi with 2:2 copy protection, and a good solid smart system with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and most importantly VUDU. Don’t think I can pony up for OLED or QLED.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Phil A

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    There have been studies on resolution, TV size and viewing distance and what the human eye can detect. Below is one chart (there are others - I think this one is from CNET). In a spare room, I went with a 55 inch UHD TV but I only sit 7 feet away.

  3. Max Yokell

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    You are looking at this from a resolution standpoint and I get that yet UHD and UHD with HDR look far better and I think it has very little to do with just the Resolution. There are a couple of factors for the huge improvement, I believe the biggest are the black level, the contrast and the color depth. With HDR the black levels are insanely good and the contrast is amazing and the color depth is beyond what HD sets can do. There is no mistaking a UHD HDR picture for standard HD and I being clear headed I would be right there with you on your bit about resolution and if it was just resolution I would be the cheap guy that went with another HD set, but the reality is even a cheap UHD set doesn't look as good as one with good HDR or I would be done with it and get one of the sets with built in ROKU TV.

    Oh and Phil I would rather not buy a new TV but I fear the old one won't be holding out much longer.

    Now I have started questioning about VUDU and the smart TV and have found uot that while both Sony and Samsung support VUDU their apps don't currently fully or properly support UHD and/or HDR and from what I have read many or upset that they have had to buy UHD roku to get access to the UHD movies, the comments I have seen suggest that while Fandango Now supports UHD on these sets it tends to be glitchy compared to the Netflix and Amazon in UHD.

    I have no confirmation on how well LG handles VUDU yet but there seemed to be quite a few even recently on Sony and Samsung.

    Aslo interesting in hearing about people that are using sound bars with HDMI using ARC connections do we have anyone here doing that?
  4. Max Yokell

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    Just occurred to me you were suggesting I aim at a bigger set, and I was thinking you were suggesting that UHD wasn't that big a deal. The reason I am stuck at the 49 or under size is due to a piece of furniture which is not going to get wife approval to remove, otherwise I would be looking at a 65" set. :)
  5. Max Yokell

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    Digging in on Sony, Samsung and LG sets it seems that some of LGs bigger set with OLED are very highly ranked in picture quality, Sony and LG don't make OLED sets in the size range I need and Samsung makes a QLED set but to be honest it doesn't look like they put their all into it and appears they put more effort in to their best 49" set short of QLED.

    Seems in the Non OLED or QLED market the sets from the three in that size are pretty much a toss up in reviews but one thing I have read is that the Samsung 8000 is a big step up in picture quality from the 7000? The 7000 is going for between $599 and $699 and the 8000 appears to be holding at around $899

    Any other brands I should be looking at?
  6. Phil A

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    Max - understand. Just wanted to provide some info. I got my (Sony) UHD TV a bit ago. Had a 50 inch TV that fit on my Salamander Synergy furniture bridge. I decided to move the shelf up and stretch for a 55 inch one (and prices were more back then - I think I paid $1.2k) so I can get a bit better benefit from UHD. I didn't have a TV on the way out so I just shifted stuff around. If I had one of my bigger sets (I use projectors in the main and master bedroom systems, although I have a 40 inch Samsung in the bedroom if I don't want to turn the projector on - had a 32 inch set that bit the dust in March due to lightning damage) go (e.g. I have an old Vizio 55 inch back lit LED in the bonus room that sees minimal use that used to be hung on the wall in the old house master bedroom), I'd look at different possibilities as well.
  7. Phil A

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    I should add that the 55 inch UHD I got was both for a back-up 3D set (my main system projector is) and also looking at size and budget too. So I do understand requirements for spaces. One can't control when a TV will give out.
  8. Max Yokell

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    I would consider looking at a 4K PJ for the theater room, but that would mean a new receiver as well so I am sitting tight with HD there, really just started this cause the bedroom set is having issues and seemed a good reason to go 4K.

    So you have a Sony? Do you use the Smart features at all? I am interested in finding out if VUDU UHD works for you? This seems to be one of the story lines I am finding on smart sets from Samsung and Sony, not sure if LG is affected or not.
  9. Mike B

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    A 50 incher up higher on the bedroom wall is in my plans too. Nothing fancy, no OLED. Need to adjust some lighting and remove a mirror to make room.
  10. Phil A

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    Max - I have 1080P projectors. In the bedroom it's an Epson 8350 and in the main system an Epson 5030. The 5030 still looks amazing. I've watched 4k on my other TV and while it is obviously better, it doesn't make me want to run out and get a 4K projector. If one dies, then I can reconsider. I have a Sony XBR 55X850C. Except for a couple of things from Amazon that may have been mastered in 4K (I could be wrong but I think they are streamed in 1080p), I have not streamed anything more than standard HD Netflix. I use the TV for 4k discs and broadcast TV like football games (not much of a TV watcher).
  11. RJ

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    For a bedroom, I love my Roku TV. You won't find a better built in TV OS, and the picture is quite good. I have the TCL 55P607
  12. Phil A

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    I use my Roku box lots for Netflix with the bedroom projector. I really like their interface. I have 4 boxes but usually only use a couple of them (most of the time it is in the bedroom). I bought one at a warehouse club and the others I bought refurbs on If I every did 4k streaming, I'd consider their newer box.
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    Phil, would you please post the link to the distance vs size plot? Thanks.
  14. Phil A

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