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Threads you refuse to participate in (for whatever reason)

Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by jasn, May 11, 2007.

  1. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    This general topic may have some longevity here, or it may not, but I'll start by saying I have no intention of even opening one entitled "Rectum Stretcher". N-fucking-O.

    I got burned back at HTT over the one that had a link to find you based on your cellphone number.
  2. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Pretty much anything video game related....although I thought the Dragon's Lair deal was cool so I posted it. :)

    Other than that I maymay read most threads, but many many I just blow off.
  3. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    If you didn't open that one then you missed out on a good Joke.
  4. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    I refuse to participate in debates about tweaks or equipment or subjectivity. I am turning over a new leaf and trying to live by my credo that people may believe what they wish to believe and it is of no matter to me.

    But as far as "rectum stretcher" topics... I can't resist reading those. :)
  5. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    I'll take your word for it Max and gonna pass. :)
  6. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    My initial thought for this thread title was to provide a place where someone could declare that they are not, or no longer interested in, engaging in a topic or the direction taken on a particular topic elsewhere on the site.

    EDIT: (I'm still not clicking on the Stretcher joke)
  7. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    It's a really good joke...

    ...I'm no longer taking part in threads about not taking part in threads. :p

  8. Buzz Goddard

    Buzz Goddard New Member

    I'm with David. Nothing about tweaks, cables or really any audio gear.
    I know enough to know I don't know anything!
    And I've learned to be happy with what I have (at least for audio playback gear)...
  9. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I'm not trying to be a dick, but I'm a firm believer in if you don't like it don't click it (which is what you did). The "lounge" area is for things off topic (jokes as well as many other things. If CJ wants to make a rule about not posting that stuff here, I will be glad to post it in the recycle bin.
  10. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    Neither was I Drew when I put this topic out.

    "It's a, I say, it's a joke Son!" I'm not trying to grind on you.

  11. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I know, but I didn't what you to think that I WAS trying to dig on you about it.
  12. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    We're cool. Carry on...
  13. hgroff

    hgroff New Member

    I want to make a comment about this topic (and yes I realize its actually a joke, but) The other day one of my direct reports googled me and found some of my posts on the HTT site. I knew that people could and might do that, but this event, really drove home the fact that more people than I thought probably have googled me and found this hobby site.

    Now in itself that is not a problem, but because of that I will never again post any comments that are not politically correct, not socially responsible, and or comments that deal with anything illegal. So much for freedom of speech! But my career is way to important to jepordize it with chit chat about questionable subject matter. The fact of the matter is I really am a maverick who in the past would not give a darn about what I would post, but because this is so open to the public, well throwing caution to the wind, is just out of the question.
  14. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith Well-Known Member

    That's why you need a name of Chris Smith :)

    So many hits on google, you don't have to worry much. Hell, there's a member of Congress from the state of NJ named Chris Smith. And it isn't me. Or is it ....
  15. Drew Mitten

    Drew Mitten New Member

    I hate threads that say started By:CJ :lol: :wink:
  16. Drew

    Drew Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I agree with what you say, but I can't see myself wanting to work for a company that feels they need to keep tabs on their employees (to that extreme). Watching network activity over the LAN is one thing....
  17. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    Very funny DYohn...really! (Must not click on new thread!)
  18. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Just trying to be sociable! :lol:
  19. jasn

    jasn Well-Known Member Donor Top Poster

    Now you are feeding my paranoid tendencies...you're probably talking about me in there, aren't you? :p
  20. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    What, us? Talking about you? Nah, couldn't be.

    Or could it...??


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