Universal HD potential releases leaked

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Shane, May 10, 2007.

  1. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    A known source of info(good and bad) mentioned at AVS that the following Universal titles would be announced soon:

    21 Grams
    About A Boy
    American Pie
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Cape Fear
    The Emperor's Club
    The Family Man
    Gosford Park
    Love Actually
    Muholland Drive
  2. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    SOmeoe forgot to tell them to release good films....:)
  3. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    There is only one film on that list that I really like and I already own it (plus some of the others that I could have done without buying).
  4. Ron-P

    Ron-P Well-Known Member

    Sigh, nothing for me on that list. Universal, please, release something decent at least, or maybe, something good.

    BotW was good, but the SD release is fine, no need to upgrade.
  5. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    See on that list I like BOTW, 21 Grams, About a Boy, K-Pax, Mulholland Drive and thought Gosford Park was good though not something I would re-buy.
  6. CJ

    CJ Well-Known Member Admin War Zone Member

    21 Grams - own DVD
    About A Boy - own DVD
    American Pie - own DVD
    Brotherhood of the Wolf - eh
    Cape Fear - seen it a lot
    The Emperor's Club - eh
    The Family Man - seen it, no desire to own
    Gosford Park - eh
    K-Pax - own the DVD, wasn't that good
    Love Actually - eh
    Muholland Drive - own the DVD, like the movie, might double dip.
  7. Michael

    Michael Junior Geek

    I can see myself renting American Pie just so see one scene in HD....
  8. Hayes Preston

    Hayes Preston Member

    Nothing on that list really excites me, a coule of rentlas, but nothing I would buy.

    I would probably put American Pie, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Cape Fear, K-Pax, and Mulholland Drive in the netflix queue.
  9. Jeff Whitford

    Jeff Whitford Member

    Love Actually is a really good movie.
  10. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Top Poster Of Month

    I wouldn't mind seeing 21 Grams, Cape Fear, Gosford Park and Love Actually again.
  11. Paul E. Fox II

    Paul E. Fox II New Member

    Brotherhood of the Wolf! Heck Yeah...

    and, as much as I hate to admit it

    Love Actually is fantastic!

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