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Discussion in 'The VIP Lounge' started by Mike B, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Mike B

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    In February of ?79 I loaded up a bright red ?57 Chevy (sport coupe) and headed west from Detroit MI. The tender age of 23, first job out of school, and I was on my way out to the fabled land of Southern CA. It really is an amazing place in more ways than I can even imagine and I lived there for 10 years?

    Anyway, I drive there in 4 days and live in a motel for 2 weeks and find this cool ?pad? (described as such by the occupant as he was packing up) in a triplex with individual garages. My unit had the only garage with it?s own personnel door so?s I could work on the car easily. And this was important ?cause I had the aluminum intake manifold, 4V Holly and the headers to install. Perfect. Even better than perfect. A 2 BR apartment in Costa Mesa (right between Newport Beach and Huntington Beach ya know) and $320/mo. 8)

    So I have 2 other groups of people living in the same building with me. Group 1 is a family of mother, daughter and remarried husband. Mother and husband are alcoholics and daughter is a confused, slutty bleach blond with large breasts and genital herpes. Group 2 is a collection of post high school (not 21, I always had to buy for them) kids working labor jobs and their cars. The neighbors on one side are lesbians. Four women live there and have large parties with only women in attendance. Men are never seen there. Next to the lesbians are a black & white couple with an adorable tan daughter and chickens in the back yard.

    The alcoholics are very entertaining, get into fights often (requiring police intervention sometimes) and sometimes result in mother and daughter hiding in my place. When I first arrived, I was kinda surprised by all of the alcohol rehab hospitals advertising on TV. I told friends back home that you should come to CA if you have booze problems ?cause they have competitive rates?

    During my brief stay here, the Costa Mesa killer struck in my block and 1 of the lesbians shot herself - :shock:

    I am not even 25 yet.

    Welcome to CA. Everything you have ever heard about it is true. And not only that?

    It's right next door!
  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    What, nobody has another "moving is an adventure" story?

    C'mon, don't be afraid 'cause it's not as bizarre as mine...

    I would be surprised if it was - :shock:

  3. Marty Milton

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    I don't know if anyone can top your story. I was a teen in the mid 60s living in the middle of the country. I saw the movies and TV shows with the sand, surf, and girls and bikinis, and always thought I would go to California, as well. I graduated in 1967, the height of the Viet Nam war, and the only way I could stay out of the draft was to go to college.

    I stayed in college until I graduated and as you can see from my profile, I am still living in the middle of the country. But I often think about my "California Dreamin". This story is way more boring than yours, Mike.
  4. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith Well-Known Member

    Umm, well, lets see I was born in DE, moved to Colorado before I was 1 and moved back to NJ (and the hometown of my Dad) before I was 3.

    Went to college (to the University of Delaware, where my parents went and hence why I was born in DE) and my parents bought a new house just before the end of my freshman year so moved all my stuff out of our old house into our new one the weekend after moving it all home out of the dorm room.

    Fast forward 4 years and ended up buying the house from my parents that I lived in when I was a kid. So I never really moved, as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Mike B

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    That's good Chris, you have come "full circle" :D

    I will probibly inherit the house in Detroit, and as it is really nice, I may come full circle too.

    They say that 80% of people are born, grow up, live and die in a hundred mile radius. Only one fifth of us are afflicted with wanderlust. It is not easy to leave family & friends far behind. It is much easier to make friends when you are young and compliant and not so set in your ways.

    When we were in school, we had room mates that were often a random selection and we got along just fine (mostly)...imagine how hard that would be to do now.


  6. Mike Parent

    Mike Parent New Member

    And you knew this... how? :D
  7. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    She told me. About the herpes and some "train" parties she attended...

    Physical attributes by sight.

    She was trying desperatly to escape the alchy's I am sure. Had 3 boyfriends while I was there and married some guy whom she later found out was married with children and then left and returned to the alchy's.

    I have no idea what happened to her, but I hope it was better than I am thinking...
  8. chad

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    Thats crazy. I have had some pretty crazy "just moved in" stories as well but I am far too tired to go into detail right now.
  9. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member Top Poster

    I was here for about a year and a half, and after 6 months the post high school bunch moved out and a couple of college students moved in. These guys were a lot of fun and we had a lot of good times cooking, eating, drinking and doing Hunter Thompson stuff.

    So, one of these guys excitedly tells me about this hot new girlfriend he has and how they are having big fun. On their first date, they have to stop the car and screw before they even get to their destination.

    So, a couple of months go by and I see him and I ask him about the girl and he's like "Fuck that bitch we're through" :shock: So's I ask what happened and he explains that she gave him a dose of the clap.

    Dude, if she's fuckin' you 30 minutes after you met...

    Men can be so clueless.


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