Well yesterday after listening to Matt about his new Panason

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Max Yokell, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    So after listening to Matt talk about his Panasonic player, and the questions about audio formats I go over to Best Buy and figure I am going to go with a Panasonic because I like the 5 movie deal and Now I know they are out.

    So what do I find....

    They don't carry the new Panasonic player in this store, they check other area stores and turns out they don't carry it in this region. They will however sell me the old model Panasonic without the 5 movies for over $1000. :roll:

    OK so now I am frustrated but damn I did decide to get a blu-ray player so next up on my list I go over and am going to buy a PS3 and after never seeing this store without a PS3 for sale, they are sold out. :roll:

    You know what maybe I just wasn't supposed to buy yet.

  2. Dan S.

    Dan S. New Member

    Sorry Max, that's how my luck usually runs too.
  3. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    It's the DVD Gods sending you a sign...

  4. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    There are other places than Best Buy right? ;)
  5. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I tried Circuit City and Sound Advice and no joy.

  6. Jerry Pease

    Jerry Pease New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    target for the ps3
  7. Michael

    Michael Junior Geek

    Have you tried Costco or Target?

    I go to those stores fairly often and they usually have stacks of PS3s.
  8. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

  9. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    I ordered a Toshiba HD-DVD player and a few days after it arrived I decided to go with Blu-Ray instead, due to the Blockbuster announcement. I returned the Toshiba and immediately ordered the Sony model that David has, only to be informed that it is back-ordered. Oh well...
  10. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson New Member

    I just checked on line and all our best buy's are out also...didn't realize I was lucky to get one.

    BTW...I'll be sure to watch a Blu Ray movie in your honor tonight....BWAAAHHHAAAHA...:)
  11. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Well I kind of wanted the Pany just to have that real component look too it but I am finding many net places to be sold out as well. I really like the idea of getting POTC 1&2 as well as transporter and FF what was the other movie?

  12. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson New Member

    Crash...if you don't get it let me know and I'll trade you something for it (I saw it once and I liked it)

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