Which format are you telling friends/family to buy?

Discussion in 'Movie Lounge' started by Alfer, Jun 25, 2007.


What format do you tell friends/family to buy?

  1. BLU

  2. HD-DVD

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  3. I tell them to buy both.

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  4. I tell them all to wait it out.

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  1. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Being that many of you are HT enthusiasts ( some uber enthusiasts)and many are dead set that getting into one format or another is a fairly wise thing to do if you are indeed an enthusiast it got me wondering...

    What format do you tell your friends and families to go get?

    Blu? HD-DVD, both, or do you tell them to avoid the whole mess and wait for a winner or some kind of combo player??
  2. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    None of the above. I tell them to speak to Alfer.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. CJ

    CJ Bronze Member Admin War Zone Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    I tell people that are not enthusiasts to wait and people who are enthusiasts but can't make up their mind I give them what I perceive to be a fairly unbiased shpiel about the formats, including some of the arguments against BD and BD+ that Michael is making and pointing out the discrepancy in studio support in favor of Blu-Ray. So its tough for me to vote. I have some friends and family who don't even have an HDTV.
  4. Michael

    Michael Junior Geek

    For the most part, I tell them to wait.

    For those that are into HT, I the HD-XA2. Great upconversion and a way to get into the game for a reasonable price.
  5. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    No one has asked me.
  6. Jason Lorette

    Jason Lorette Active Member

    Most people I know wouldn't care...
  7. Shane

    Shane Active Member

    I give them the options and let them decide. So far 5 have chosen BR simply because of studio support, and the rest have chosen to sit it out.

    I have premiere examples of both formats available for viewing so they can see either format at it's best(on my 720P display).
  8. Steve Tannehill

    Steve Tannehill New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I don't have any friends or family.

    - Steve
  9. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    What are we, chopped liver? :) ;)
  10. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson New Member

    No one I know is willing to jump in yet...they're all still waiting.
  11. ArtieK

    ArtieK New Member

    I put HD-DVD because I thought there was no way this was a serious question.
  12. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Yes it's all done for fun Mr. Happy.... :roll:
  13. Chris White

    Chris White New Member

    I told Larry to ask Alfer. :)
  14. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    You both are wise men... :wink: :lol:
  15. Dan Driscoll

    Dan Driscoll HTT Refugee Donor War Zone Member

    I voted that they should wait.

    If they are strictly looking for a movie player, I generally recommend that they wait until a decent universal player hit the market at a reasonable price, which is what I plan to do. Those that don't want to wait and who already have a large collection of DVDs and an HDMI capable large screen TV, I recommend the HD-A2, because of the upscaling capabilities. If they are into gaming I tell them to get the console the has their favorite games.
  16. Graeme

    Graeme Active Member War Zone Member

    I tell them nothing. I've given up giving any advice on this type of subject to my friends or family. The generally don't listen and get whatever the magazines tell them to, and then say things like "See, my Bose speakers do sound awesome!"

  17. Randy Rhoton

    Randy Rhoton Well-Known Member Donor War Zone Member

    The few that ask, much less care, I tell to wait it out. And most of them are like Graeme's post. Ignore what I say, and buy some POS.
  18. Pete Mazz

    Pete Mazz Active Member War Zone Member

    Never been asked.
  19. Rich Kraus

    Rich Kraus Active Member

    never been asked either.

    i tell them to wait. if they are enthusiasts ill discuss it with them, and help make a decision now, if they are a more casual type, ill tell them to wait and ask me in a few months.
  20. Dennis Pagoulatos

    Dennis Pagoulatos Active Member

    Never been asked. I don't think any of my friends or family would even know what either format was if I didn't explain it to them first (and I have a huge family and lots of friends). My brother in law bought a PS3 and uses it for Blu-Ray movies, but that was after my endless explanations of both game consoles and the HD formats attached to them- I own a 360+HD add-on and he bought the PS3 based on my explanation of the 2 formats and his own research after the fact. No one has asked me "cold".


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