Why I Stopped Going to Movie Theatres: The Death of Etiquette

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by CJ, May 24, 2017.

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    Something that has gotten a lot of discussion over the years... or maybe not discussion but rather, I see it tossed out every couple weeks when discussing a film as to why certain members will wait to see it at home. For me, a little bit of whispering won't ruin a film. If someone has a "what happened" or "who is that" moment I understand. Chatting throughout the movie is unacceptable. Babies are annoying, especially at 10pm at an R rated movie. Makes me want to throat punch the parent. But the big one is cell phones. I sat next to a guy at Storks (and guess what, I didn't fucking want to be there either) who checked his fantasy football team approximately every 27 seconds. If I had cared about the movie at all I would have done something but I just sat there and stewed instead. Maybe this is why I didn't...
    Maybe its yet another example of our failing society where people are so self-centered and entitled that they have absolutely no shame and feel it is OK to abuse people who are objectively in the right merely for calling them out.

    While the second half of the article feels like an ad for Alamo Drafthouse, there's one here in Omaha and I agree it is a godsend for people who want to go to movies and watch the damn movie.

    Why I Stopped Going to Movie Theatres: The Death of Etiquette
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    That's the main reason I seldom go to movies. A friend of mine never saw any of the Star Wars films and wanted to see 'The Force Awakens.' We went to a matinee in the middle of the afternoon and it wasn't too bad (not that many people). Only time I've been to the movies in the past 5 years. For what the price of admission is and snacks, it is easier and more convenient to watch it at home, whether that is on disc, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
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    This is the one and only reason I rarely go to the theater. Stupid motherfuckers with their stupid motherfucking phones and their stupid motherfucking lack of courtesy and sense of entitlement and shit parenting skills. It's not a problem unique to theaters. It's ruined my golf experience as well--stupid motherfuckers playing music in their cart that I can hear 400 yards away. Restaurants--sure I only get out once a month at best for alone time with my wife, but while I am here I would love to listen to your kid play Mario Cart. You know there is a way to keep that noise to yourself, right? Stupid motherfucker.

    Hm. That felt good.
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    So one golf story. Went out a couple months ago. As we made the turn, discovered group in front of us--guys were drinking and playing ridiculous music loud country music. Called the clubhouse and complained. Long story short they did little, *I* was the one asked to alter my game (slow down to let that group go ahead), and along the way had drunk rednecks verbally assaulting me. I have been playing golf for 30 years and never had such an experience. But fucking A, aren't I the jerk for not wanting other people to share their "entertainment" so generously with me? This is somewhat unique to golf. I remember when there was no overlap between the NASCAR and golf audience. Those were the days. Stupid motherfuckers.
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    For me it was "Finding Nemo" I went to a small theater with my wife and kids. The projected image was an asymmetrical trapezoid, and there were some really rude people who wouldn't shut up throughout the whole film. I paid over $40 for a lousy experience. It motivated me to purchase a projector and build something at home, where I could enjoy a film with a decent presentation and respectful co-viewers.
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    It's why I only go to matinee's late in the movies run, preferably as close to it's close as possible. Fucking hate crowds. Will NOT go to a movie when it opens, haven't in may years.
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    The other reason I don't like movie theaters is generally the sound is not that great (they build a bunch of theaters so I understand that they are not going to be top notch in that regard). I remember years back I went to see 'The Phantom Menace' when it was about to leave the theaters. I waited as I didn't want to deal with the crowds and interruptions. I was really disappointed in the sound. I had the film on imported LD (probably shortly after that as it was not available on DVD in the US yet). Where I used to live, I took in a couple of movies at late night Sunday viewings when they were past their prime theater attendance.
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    I hadn't been for decades until I started dating again. Yeah, 60 years old and starting dating again and hey movies area good dating activity eh?

    It was much worse than before. The picture was worse (digital vs film) and the sound was worse too. Those old theaters had some mondo huge high efficiency big speaks.

    There was no "cineplex", it was one big movie house. And you used to get a couple cute cartoons or a stooges and not half a fucking hour of trailers.

    Fuck the theater. The above is bad enough w/o the cell phone assholes and their screaming children.
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    Bad manners occurs at the Theater, symphony, Library & museum.

    Larry & I saw HISTORY of VIOLENCE while in Denver at a RMAF.
    He had no hesitation turning around and asking the person to stop
    using their phone during the film. (*good Film BTW)

    I generally have good experiences at Movies...generally. I too will pick
    the time & date to avoid the Usual suspects.

    I have "shusshed" patrons at the symphony when talking to each other while
    a performance is occurring. Pops concert, the rules must be relaxed a lot.:eek:
    Cuz people feel like the ought to both text & photograph the event.o_O
    I have been to two Plays and Musicals where they had a reserved CELL PHONE
    section....for people who had to use their phones for whatever reason...and yes,
    it was mostly under 3o~ish folks.

    Lastly I have brought dates to The theater and they have no manners....UGH!
    I have brought one to a Museum...cell phone activity, and touching
    a Marble statue or Getting REALLY close to an Oil Painting...a Docent admonishing her.
    So I feel like a douche by association. And the Museum lady is one of those who takes too
    many bulky bags onto planes...again I wanted to crawl under the seat. I asked" what were
    you thinking?" ..."it's no big deal, see it all fit"....I pointed out before & after that I don't get
    charged for Checking Bags or taking more bags than usual if we check them. She also complained
    about not being able to substitute ingredients on her in flight meal which was prepared for her.
    I told her I already mentioned food allergies & Pork Products when I booked. Kosher is tuff.
    UGH! so it was
    See ya...AMF...Ciao.... been nice knowin ya
  10. Drew

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    I've had very little issue in theaters I feel, certainly not enough to make me stop going (the $$$ handles that as is) or get up and leave. In any event, I guess I have a unique ability to not give a shit what is going on around me and I just watch the movie.
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    This phenomenon was addressed in the article. The business does not want the confrontation so they force it on you. Alamo also has a nice way to report disallowed behavior that is a little more discreet. You use the same method as ordering a drink and instead of writing an order, you just right "can you please ask the person down and to my right to stop using their phone?" and they do.
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