You are not going to believe what happened to me today

Discussion in 'Home Theater Lounge' started by Jerry Pease, May 30, 2007.

  1. Jerry Pease

    Jerry Pease New Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I come out of Home Depot with hands full of a few garden stuff. This dude in a white suburban Z71 pulls up to me and says....

    He buddy, you need a home theater system? I got one in the back that is fucking great. You can't go wrong!

    I asked the guy, when did you guys changed from white van to suburban? nice upgrade uh? Well at least you got the color right.

    He looked at me confused, I said never mind I don't deal with trunk slammers.

    It's been a very long time since I have been approach to buy fine audio gear in a parking lot. Oh well.
  2. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Top Poster Of Month

    I don't believe it!

    8) Had to do it, Jerry.
  3. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith Well-Known Member

    David beat me to it.

    It's been a while since I've been approached to, I'll be on the lookout for SUVs now too. :lol:
  4. LarryB

    LarryB Active Member

    I feel kind of left out, as I have never had one of these encounters.
  5. Michael M

    Michael M Active Member

    I've had it happen twice, once within the last 6 months. I told them I build my stuff. They left.
  6. Stefan

    Stefan Active Member War Zone Member

    It's been a while for me, but it has happened twice.

  7. Graeme

    Graeme Active Member War Zone Member

    And you live in Jersey? Wow.

  8. DYohn

    DYohn Well-Known Member Donor

    Top Poster Of Month

    In New Jersey they don't get sold things until after they fall off the back of a truck.

  9. Tom R S 4

    Tom R S 4 New Member War Zone Member

    A whole HT system? What a deal! I'm also jealous. The most I've been offered was some speakers from some guys in a white van while I was stopped at a traffic light.
  10. Colton

    Colton New Member War Zone Member

    I thought only kidnappers drive white vans. :?
  11. Alfer

    Alfer New Member

    Been about 6-7 years since my last encounter at a Home Depot...
  12. Max Yokell

    Max Yokell Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    Colton, you are not the only one with a white van.
  13. Michael P

    Michael P New Member

    If that happened to me, I'd probably buy them and use them for educational purposes!
  14. cjd

    cjd New Member

    I've seen 'em but never been accosted.

    I like to string such folks on, see how long I can get them to wind out their pitch, waiting to catch 'em in some comment I can make a witty "well then no thanks" reply to. Like, say, "they sound as good as B*se" ;)

  15. mark j

    mark j New Member

    It happened to me. I thought the guy wanted directions or some help when he motion for me to roll down my window at a red light. Then when he started his pitch about speakers I just rolled up the window. I can?t remember if the van was white but it was a van.
  16. chad

    chad Well-Known Member War Zone Member Top Poster

    I was approached once right outside of a Target. I also had a neighbor that bought a pair of the speakers, he said the salesman told him they were so good he would not even need a center or surrounds.
  17. Marty Milton

    Marty Milton New Member

    I was approached by a guy in a white van, before the upgrades, I guess. It was in the parking lot right outside of Circuit City. I just laughed and walked away when the guy asking me about buying some speakers.

    Of course, I'm not sure if his would be much of a step down from the average CC speakers. ;)
  18. Steve

    Steve New Member

    I've had that happen to me in parking lot, just shook my head and walked off. I also had a guy offer some diamond jewelry in a parking lot outside of a Kroger. Considering the part of town I was in, it may well have been genuine. I'd have probably needed an oven mitt to handle it if I had bought it.

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